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Working with Food Perspectives, Inc. (FPI) you can feel confident knowing that everything you need for reliable consumer insights - consumer research design, product test execution, data analysis and reporting is firmly grounded in sound research principles and business strategy experience. Supporting these efforts is our team's real-world knowledge and experience.  This foundation of applied knowledge and know-how has made FPI a premier consumer research vendor among Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike.


At FPI our commitment to you is more than a handshake, it's a process. We believe we must learn to walk in your shoes, talk your talk and understand your pain points in order to serve you and your consumers to the highest level. By hiring the best, encouraging ongoing training and rewarding a hunger for knowledge, we offer an exceptional value for your research dollars. And when you're looking for creative solutions to your toughest product problems, look no further than FPI to help you clarify, provide reliable insights and help you pull the pieces together for actionable product solutions. 


Consumer Testing Facilities Providing Local and National Presence

In addition to our team of experts' deep knowledge and strategic thinking, FPI has the facilities specifically designed to allow for the execution of the most complex consumer tests. Our thoughtfully designed research facility can comfortably accommodate multiple activities within one study simultaneously, whether it be quantitative, qualitative or blended research. Equipped with the latest technology, the FPI research facility is convenient for touch pad research (iPads), smart board meeting use, remote viewing of your research study and much more.

If your research needs require a national presence, FPI has partnerships in place to allow  the execution of nationally represented research.

Recruiting Quality Respondents for Your Consumer Research and Testing

When it's time to conduct your consumer product test, FPI's experienced recruiting team sources high-caliber respondents who fit your specific demographic needs. Our extensive consumer database of more than 115,000 men, women and children can replicate any national demographic composition. This coupled with strict past participation rules ensures a quality sample for your consumer research.

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