Superior Room

Large 53'x25' room accommodates up to 60 respondents per sessionIncreased throughput means time saved.  Room for wave tests, CLTs, any type of test needed.
Ample electrical outletsAllows testers to individually interact with technology, e.g., iPads/laptops.
Expandable divider between reception area and testing roomOur space can accommodate a wide variety of testing needs.
One-way viewing capabilities into main testing roomClient can view respondents during testing sessions without respondent awareness
Blackout shadesVariable light control to accommodate viewing screens and a wide variety of lighting needs.
Live streamingAllows remote viewing and online chat with moderator during sessions.
Comfortable reception/waiting area including restrooms
Provides a professional and comfortable area for respondents before or in-between tests.
Separate entrance and exit doors
Separate entrance and exit allows for smooth transitions and privacy between sessions.
Complete audio/visual capabilities
Enables recording of sessions.