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Scientific Methodology Applied to Every Test

Experience and applied science is what's behind all our consumer research.  With solid academic backgrounds in market research and sensory science plus extensive experience in the CPG industry, your team at FPI designs each study to meet your business needs.  Research studies backed by proven scientific methodology ensure the highest levels of accuracy, providing you with the reliable and believable results you need for confident business decisions.

The Case of "Too Cheesy"

Science was essential to uncovering the true meaning of "too cheesy" in one FPI consumer product test. The test was simple, field a research test for a pizza product using school-age children. Use a survey to determine if the children found the pizza to have: 
  • Not enough cheese
  • Just enough cheese
  • Too much cheese
The majority of the children reported that the pizza was "too cheesy". However, by applying  behavioral and psychological consumer research methodology to the taste test, the researchers at FPI discovered that "too cheesy" does not necessarily mean hold back on the cheese. Using a peel-off study, researchers interviewed a pre-defined percentage of children about their survey responses. What they discovered was that the children loved the "too cheesy" pizza. The researchers concluded that the children were responding to the survey in the manner in which they heard their parents react to similar pizza, "That's too cheesy for you." This is not to say they didn't fully enjoy the too cheesy pizza!

Data is important, but knowing how to use and interpret that data is critical to making wise business decisions. Had the team stopped at the survey and concluded their customer could reduce the amount of cheese on the pizza and still satisfy their end customer, everyone would have been disappointed and sales may have dropped.

Your Food Perspectives experienced research team has the education, expertise and know-how to guide you to reliable, believable results that are based in solid scientific methodologies.

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