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Product Optimization

Product Optimization through Performance Testing

At the product optimization stage, a prototype has been developed. That prototype is ready to be tested with consumers to evaluate how it performs and identify areas for improvement. This stage often requires more quantitative research activities to gain critical statistical data to tease out the nuances to various product attributes of consumer viewpoints.

Specific research methods used include:
  • Experimental (Factorial) Design
  • Response Surface Methodology (used with Experimental Design)
  • Consumer-Driven Specifications
  • Structured Set Evaluation

Questions most often asked during this stage include:

  • What factors can be varied to get the biggest increase in liking?
  • How do specific product variables affect liking?
  • What are the options to deliver the most liked product?
  • How tolerant are consumers to changes in the product?
  • Have I met my product development goal?
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