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Consumer Testing Locations in Minnesota and Beyond

Food Perspectives, Inc. (FPI) headquarters is conveniently located near Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Our state-of-the-art testing facility is within easy access to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport and a number of quality hotels.

In addition to our research and testing headquarters, FPI has consumer testing spaces throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the outer suburbs.  Our broad coverage of the area enables FPI to attract and maintain a large diverse database of testers for your product tests.

You can confidently turn to FPI for national research as well.  Through our network of partnerships throughout the US and Canada, FPI is equipped to service your product testing needs in entirety, whether in-home of in-person.  FPI utilizes online capabilities to recruit and survey nationally representative consumer samples that meet your specifications.

All FPI Field Affiliates Affiliates are required to adhere to FPI's standards and protocols.  This ensures that research conducted, regardless of location, is done in the manner and to the standards that you have come to expect from FPI.

With so many sensory and consumer insights capabilities, FPI is your one-stop shop for product development research.

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Locations for National Consumer Testing & Product Research


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