Lexa Hoffner
Manager, Respondent Database and Recruiting
Favorite saying... "Whatever you are, be a good one." ~Abraham Lincoln
In her current role, Lexa is responsible for creating and realizing a vision for FPI's  Recruiting department while supporting the company growth objectives. She manages a team of 20 home-based recruiting associates and a respondent database of over 100K.  Her department's mission:  To fill every test with the right number of fully qualified respondents for the least cost possible.

Lexa's professional life has taken several turns, but has always maintained a consistent thread of bringing information and insights to decision makers.  From a Military Intelligence Office analyzing the battlefield, to the owner/operator of a popular family resource website in the early days of the Internet, to a Senior Project Manager with end to end responsibility for B2B and B2C primary research, it has always been about amassing, culling, connecting and presenting the information that matters.

Lexa's educational background includes a BS in English from the United States Military Academy and a MAEd in Educational Technology from Baldwin Wallace College.

A little known fact about Lexa...  she has been a rock picker since she could walk.  It is nearly impossible to pass a shoreline and not spend a few minutes scanning...walking...picking.  Agates are usually the goal, but if it has an interesting shape or color it will probably find its way into Lexa's pocket, and back to her house.  Packing boxes labeled "rocks" have definitely gotten an eyebrow raise from movers. 

Email:  ahoffner@foodperspectives.com
Phone:  763-354-7848
LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/lexahoffner