Joyce Lizzi
VP, Client Accounts
Favorite saying… “A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” ~Charles F. Kettering

Joyce joined FPI in 2013. She plays a large role in amplifying FPI's reputation for exceptional client service and research quality.  She leads the FPI Client Services Team, all working together to provide our clients with actionable consumer insights through the integration of sensory and consumer research.

Joyce joins FPI after 17 years applying consumer insights at CPG companies including Hallmark Cards, The Pillsbury Company and General Mills. She is a proven Insights Leader known for pioneering new methods and for driving business growth through insights activation.  She has strong business acumen and broad experience in research methods, ranging from qualitative to advanced analytics.

Her educational background includes:

Few people know that Joyce was raised on a farm in northwest Iowa.  When she was young, she and her sisters were responsible for gathering eggs.  It was dark and scary in the hen house, filled with 3000 noisy, squawking birds.  She shares fond memories of she and her sisters singing their hearts out while gathering eggs to calm their fears.  Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" was their favorite!

Phone:  763-354-2770