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Exploratory Front End

Exploratory Front End

A new product idea or concept can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. There are many factors to consider, and questions to answer. At FPI, we have worked with companies from fledgling start-ups, to corporate icons, guiding them through the process of initial concept through marketable product. Regardless of the company, its history or the number of products they have launched, understanding untapped areas of the market and identifying needs states among the target consumers are driving forces during the Exploratory Front End stage.

Research methods most frequently used in this stage include:

Qualitative Activities

  • Consumer Design
  • Consumer Prototype Interaction
  • Immersion Activities

These research methods help answer common business questions such as:

  • At the conceptual level, what are the attributes, behaviors, uses, needs or wants that are most important to my target audience?
  • I have a large number of product options.  How do I conceptually identify which items my target audience finds the most appealing?
  • What is the consumer environment in which my product is being used?
  • What does the decision process of consumers look like in action?
  • How can I gain a deeper understanding of the consumers' thought on my product?
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